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Jim Stimmel, Former EVP and CEO at CLEAResult

High customer satisfaction requires more than just providing the product or service your customer bought – it comes from ensuring that your customers’ needs and expectations are fully met. But sometimes those expectations are not so readily apparent. Bobby Robertson has spent his career honing the skills needed to fully understand and deliver on customer/client expectations – even with demanding clients and/or challenging situations. I have worked with Bobby for over a decade and seen him deliver results again and again. In recent years Bobby applied a highly-developed approach to assess customer satisfaction through interviews and analysis. As an independent assessor, Bobby is able to uncover sometimes-hidden customer expectations and recommend solutions to best meet them – further enhancing the customer’s experience, ensuring their satisfaction and building better business relationships. For anyone interested in better understanding and improving the satisfaction of their customers, I highly recommend support from Bobby Robertson. 

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John Hargrove, CEO at the Association of Energy Services Professionals

During my time working for an investor owned utility in the western United States, I had the distinct pleasure of working directly with Bobby Robertson for nearly a decade.  From the moment I met him, all the way through that long period, I never ceased to be amazed by Bobby’s work ethic, his ability to understand and address virtually any business situation, and his never ending care and concern for his customer.  I hired him once.  I hired him many more times.  And I wouldn’t hesitate to hire him again.