Robert S. Robertson VI (Bobby) is a trusted professional with more than 25 years’ experience in client relations with former clientele that include celebrities and politicians. His passion has always been studying people and understanding why they act how they do. Growing up in Las Vegas as a third generation native provided the perfect environment to hone his skills in interpersonal interactions in both the hospitality and energy industries. He also spent time as a Chaplain which further amplified his compassion, listening, empathy and counseling skills. Mr. Robertson is one of those rare individuals who have both a high IQ and EQ. He uses his compassion and experience in interviewing to draw out feedback that is otherwise rarely given.


He first began creating a means for measuring client satisfaction while earning his MBA almost 20 years ago as a way to foster greater understanding between companies and their customers. Since then, this process has been successfully used in hundreds of interviews. Frequently, sensitive information is shared in these interviews that must be conveyed accurately in a manner that facilitates greater understanding and helps prioritize action items to exceed customer expectations. Establishing trust and maintaining confidentiality are essential. His presence as an unbiased, third-party who can speak the truth with tact creates the opportunity for this level of feedback to be both given and received. 

Body Language Analysis

Numerous studies show that as much as 50-90% of communication is nonverbal. Mr. Robertson began to utilize body language as tool for more effective communication while serving as a manager of the world's largest Concierge Department at a AAA Five Diamond status luxury hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. His clientele included many celebrities who were not verbose, which necessitated the need for alternative forms of communication beyond just words in order to delight his clients. As a Certified Micro Expressions Coach, Mr. Robertson now utilizes his training in body language to make deeper and faster connections with clients, get quick insights about the clients' true feelings, and recognize clients’ needs more accurately. This increases his ability to adapt in in-person interviews and to provide a greater depth of analysis that would be impossible with phone or electronic surveys.